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We’d like to tell your more about our sleep systems. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you have a question of your own, just write us a message.

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What does the density say about a foam mattress?

The most important quality criterion for a foam core is the density, which is measured in kg/m³. The higher the density, the longer you will enjoy the comfort of your mattress.

As a mattress producer we use only premium quality foam for our mattresses. Together with our raw material suppliers, we have designed innovative foams that meet the very high quality demands of a Werkmeister mattress. You can test whether 50, 55, or 70 kg/m³ is right for you at your retailer.

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What does the hardness say about a foam mattress?

Along with density, the compression hardness affects how deep you sink in. We control this through the recipes used in foam production, which lets us adapt mattresses of the same density to different personal preferences. At Werkmeister we naturally also use this to achieve different weights and weight distributions. However, the compression hardness always has to be in the right balance with the density. High weights need high density for optimum comfort. With Werkmeister you can be sure that what we offer you is a perfect fit.

Does Werkmeister make products for my body?

Every Werkmeister mattress is made to order for the individual buyer. In our factory we manufacture a variety of mattresses, each with its own special characteristics. Using different cutting techniques, densities, core thicknesses and inlays, we get a perfect ratio of shoulder zone to hip zone. Our comprehensive portfolio and many possible combinations of mattress, bed base and neck support pillow let you put together a sleep system that is perfect for you. Your bed retailer will be glad to advise you in detail.

Does the cover material also have a function?

If you perspire a lot or have an allergy, you need the right material. At our factory we always use the appropriate material and upholster it to order by hand. All of our covers have a sturdy zipper going all the way around so that you can take them off for cleaning or washing.

Naturally we can address personal preferences in the choice of cover material. Werkmeister offers various materials with different characteristics in terms of feel, elasticity and warmth.

Can I wash a Werkmeister neck support pillow regularly?

Every pillow cover has a 3-side zipper for easy removal. The cover can be washed at 60°. We recommend hang-drying. The pillow uppers have a jersey undercover of 100% cotton that is not washable, like the pillow core itself.

Does Werkmeister take care to use pollutant-free materials?

The core materials of our mattresses and pillows and our cover fabrics are tested for contaminants by the OEKO institute in Hohenstein. All our products are certified with Class 1 of the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This is the highest possible level of certification, thus making all our products suitable for babies and infants. Our upholstery fabrics are also medically tested by the FKT association for biocompatible textiles (Fördergemeinschaft körperverträgliche Textilien e.V.)

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